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School Organisation



The children are grouped in three classes according to age and on a mixed ability basis.  This means that there will be two or three year groups in each class with teachers’ planning taking careful account of this.  Across this organisation are the key stages of the National Curriculum.



Mrs Hussain
Year R
Year 1
Year 2
Foundation Stage
Key Stage 1

Mrs Bird/Mrs Whaley
Year 3
Year 4
 Key Stage 2

Mr Charman
Year 5
Year 6
Key Stage 2


Our teachers are all experienced and well versed in planning for mixed age classes.  They are ably assisted by a team of very committed Teaching Assistants all of whom have worked at the school for many years.  We also employ a dedicated SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and a Learning Mentor who work closely with the class teachers to meet the needs of all pupils with specific needs.