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9 am. We can hear the ducklings cheeping and we can see cracks forming on the shells.

10am. We can hear tapping and the cracks are getting bigger and becoming holes.

11am. The children have all been to have a look at the eggs and have been listening carefully.

12pm. Something is definitely happening. Can we see a beak?

12.20pm. The first duckling has hatched!

1pm. Now there are two ducklings! They need to stay in the incubator for a 2 to 4 hours to dry off before being transferred to their living area.

2pm. It's all been very tiring.

3pm. The ducklings are looking more fluffy now. They'll be moving into their new home soon.

You can watch the first duckling hatch.

Still image for this video

Day 2

Day 3. The picture is blurry because the ducklings move very quickly!