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Breakfast Club

Warninglid Primary School runs a breakfast club for all pupils at the school.  The club will open at 8.00am and breakfast (cereal, toast and drink) will be served at 8.30am.  At 8.40am the children go into class.


This open to all year groups and cost is £2.50 with no breakfast and £3.50 with breakfast.


The children play games - Monopoly, Scrabble - or draw or read.  A member of staff runs the club and if you would like your child to attend please contact the school office.  There are plenty of spaces.


If you would like your child to attend please complete the registration form and booking form below and return it to the school office. Parents wishing to access to club will need to book and pay in advance.


The Breakfast Club Policy is also attached for you to read.