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Behaviour and Pastoral Care

The general behaviour of children is a matter of great importance in the organisation of the school and to the well-being of the community.  Our principles are based upon the five Be’s


  • Be respectful – always be polite, listening to others and taking care of proper
  • Be kind and gentle – think about other people’s feelings and safety
  • Be careful – keep safe by making sure you are in a safe place and acting in a safe manner
  • Be responsible – act sensibly and take responsibility for your actions
  • Be the best you can – do your best in everything you do


We have an established Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy which parents are asked to support. We believe in a partnership between home and school and are therefore proactive about consulting parents  at an early stage should a child’s behaviour cause concern.  This and other policies are on this website or, if a paper copy is required, can be made available through the School available in the office and on the school website.


We are always mindful of our children’s welfare and well being.  Should there be any circumstances affecting your child at any time, it is important that we are aware so that we can be sympathetic to their needs.